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150th Anniversary Lapel Badge
Chris Pritchard
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A Square Peg in a Round Hole: adventures in the mathematics of area
Sue Waring
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Proof is back in the national curriculum! Across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland pupils should be developing skills in mathematical proof.
Derek Holton
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A Set of 9 Derek Holton Booklets
Colin Foster
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Flowcharts are visually engaging ways of describing mathematical processes and can offer a starting point for rich mathematical activity.
Ed Southall
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Geometry Juniors is an exciting exploration of shape and space in mathematics, enabling children to test their knowledge and think mathematically using open problems and discussion prompts.
Mary Ledwick/Ray Huntley
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An engaging set of cards designed to enable pupils to master the key facts they need to know for the Higher Tier GCSE Mathematics examination.
Tony Barnard
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As all teachers of mathematics will know, the teaching of algebra is not straightforward and mistakes occur all too often.
David Crawford
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This book contains many such numerical tricks, suitable for the classroom enrichment of general mathematical entertainment.
Robin Bevan, Paul Metcalf, Chris Pritchard
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Leadership to Count On: A Guide for Heads of Mathematics