Rob Southern & Susan Whitehouse
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Teaching A Level Maths is a joint project by teachers Rob Southern and Susan Whitehouse. Susan and Rob have collaborated to write a guide to the content and pedagogy of A Level Maths based on their considerable experience of working with students and teachers. The book is designed to give new teachers ideas that they can implement in their own classrooms. However, experienced teachers will also find inspiration and opportunities to reflect on their own practice.
Chris Pritchard
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This eBook tells the story of the assistance that George Darwin, Charles Darwin's son, gave to one of the great pioneers of statistics, Francis Galton
The Mathematical Association
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A Level Bundle - A Level Pure Mathematics and A Level revision Cards
David Miles
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Photocopiable activities to enhance and consolidate understanding
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This resource is a collection of printable activities carefully designed to enhance and consolidate understanding of the pure content of the reformed mathematics A level.
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96 revision cards for the reformed A level specifications in mathematics.
Chris Pritchard
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A Square Peg in a Round Hole: adventures in the mathematics of area
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A Square Peg in a Round Hole takes the reader on a journey through the geometry of common shapes and the calculation of area. Written to be accessible to an able and interested 18-year old, it aims to appeal to students and teachers of mathematics and to anyone with a fascination for the subject.
Sue Waring
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Proof is back in the national curriculum! Across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland pupils should be developing skills in mathematical proof.
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This book, born out of classroom research by a secondary school teacher, argues the case for proof. Details of approaches and pupil responses are given.