David Miles
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Photocopiable activities to enhance and consolidate understanding
Chris Pritchard
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Pack up a Penguin completes the journey through the geometry of common shapes and the calculation of area that was begun in A Square Peg in a Round Hole and continued in The Room in the Elephant. Written to be accessible to an able and interested 18-year old, it aims to appeal to students and teachers of mathematics and to anyone with a fascination for the subject.
The Mathematical Association
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This book celebrates 25 years of Problem Corner, an ever-popular feature of the Gazette since it was introduced by the then Editor, Victor Bryant.
Chris Pritchard
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This book tells the story of the assistance that George Darwin, Charles Darwin's son, gave to one of the great pioneers of statistics, Francis Galton
Chris Pritchard
A Square Peg in a Round Hole: adventures in the mathematics of area
Derek Holton
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A Set of 9 Derek Holton Booklets
Janet Jagger
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For the first time, mathematicians and physicists have agreed on definitions and statements of the concepts and terms found in most first courses in mechanics.
Compiled by Keith Selkirk & William Wynne Wilson
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This timeless, classic book of mathematical Humour has been missed since it went out of print some years ago.
Robin Bevan, Paul Metcalf, Chris Pritchard
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Leadership to Count On: A Guide for Heads of Mathematics
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MA Post-it Notes