Padlock Challenges Statistics and Probability

Rachael Horsman
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Padlock Challenges is a motivating, innovative and practical way to enable students (Key stage 3 and 4) to engage with statistics and probability. It is a comprehensive set of worksheets from which teachers can construct their own pupil booklets or classroom posters containing a selected set of challenges. Each challenge is carefully constructed to enable students to gain confidence and skills. The conclusion of each challenge is a number determined by their answers; collectively these lead to the combination for a padlock and the route to opening a designated treasure box secured with a chain and combination lock. Find the combination - gain the treasure within.

Padlock Challenge consists of a spiral bound book (A5) containing an introduction and copies of all of the activities; it is accompanied by a CD-Rom with copies of this both in A5 and A4 format. Photocopying and digital routes are thereby available to teachers to personalise and present the challenge to students.