More Problem Solving

Derek Holton
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Mathematics is everywhere, and in this second book Derek Holton shows how the ordinary can become the extraordinary when viewed through a mathematical prism. Be prepared to slice through cubes, lick stamps and fill jugs of water - along the way spot the patterns, make conjectures and see it through to a mathematical result and its proof. Here are everyday problems to taunt, delight - and to solve. The objects of the creativity here are problems that at some level are readily accessible to most secondary students. To make good progress, a knowledge of number and basic logical skills are sufficient. Algebra isn’t mandatory - but an ability to experiment is. The underlying aim of these books is to show that mathematics is more than a collection of results; that there is a creative, people side to the subject; that this side can be shown to secondary students; and that they can experience the same highs (and lows) that professional mathematicians enjoy that keep them motivated.