*New* Primary Padlock Challenges

Rachael Horsman
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This exciting book for primary pupils from Rachael Horsman, follows the same format as the very successful secondary Padlock Challenge series. As per the format of the previous books, it has a comprehensive set of worksheets from which teachers can construct a set of challenges. Each of the challenges is constructed to enable students to gain in both confidence and skills. The conclusion of each challenge is a number determined by their answers and collectively these lead to the combination for a padlock. The route to opening a designated treasure box secured with a chain and combination lock follows. Find the combination - gain the treasure within. We are sure primary pupils will find this book both exciting and challenging.

"This book follows the style of the very successful secondary Padlock Challenge series. The layout is simple in format and design. The book is very accurate in terms of its language and concepts and is presented in a style which should excite and engage primary learners.
A really enjoyable set of tasks covering a range of topics in primary mathematics, I would recommend this wholeheartedly to any primary teacher."
Reviewed by Ray Huntley